We advise and help companies with their business-model

As a company, we are a one-stop-shop for business services. We offer HR solutions like training and recruitment, occupational safety and health programs, safety consulting, and risk management. We can also help you with your employees with reliable retention strategies or hiring new recruits when the time comes.
Concord is a business service provider who provides solutions to entrepreneurs in the areas of:



  • Professional recruitment and training
  • Handling accounting for clients
  • Legal Services
  • Customizing surveys, questionnaires with crosstab reports & pivot tables
  • Creating standard operating procedures with templates (SOPs)
  • Developing company profiles
  • Developing job descriptions with wherewithal statements
  • Creating 8K compliant project reports
  • Get Funding for Projects
  • Creating and Signing Agreements
  • Bidding for Government Contracts
  • Get Funding from Institutions
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Cloud Services
  • Foreign Trading