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Who we are

Concord is a one stop solution for entrepreneurs. We're agile, easily adaptable, and actively designed to provide them with everything they need without the hassle of multiple platforms. Sticking to the core and being dauntless are our philosophy that motivates us every day to make Concord a worthwhile experience. It all started with an idea that propels us by evolving constantly, solving each industry pain point with unified solutions. Give Concord an objective, we will find the numbers behind it and show you how it becomes reality!


Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals from fields such as law, finance, economics and digital marketing.
Concord is an active, core-focused team that has come up with a one-stop solution for entrepreneurs. We are agile, dynamic professionals with a keen sense for empowering entrepreneurs. In the days when entrepreneurship has become a buzz word and everyone is claiming to be one, we want to be the people who really back it up by catering those seeking advice on how to pursue their dreams.

Business strategy

We offer services from research and project needs assessment to design and implementation of strategic direction, with expertise in product development, monetization strategies, global expansion, customer acquisition and retention
Founded in 2020 by two serial entrepreneurs with 20+ years of experience in the global business arena Concord has quickly evolved into a respected industry leader for developing national/global businesses through consulting, ODM-services and entrepreneurship.

Marketing strategy

Most business and organizations know they need a marketing strategy. But many think "marketing" is an abstract, high-priced concept that looks good on paper but never delivers any tangible results. An effective marketing strategy will not only generate interest and sales leads in the short term; it also serves as a foundation to attract long-term investors and customers by cultivating your reputation as a leader in your industry. We design and implement every marketing strategy from sharp messaging to social media management with one goal: maximizing the financial impact for our clients. It all started with a simple idea: What if we could make video conferencing more like live chat? We felt that our work should enable collaboration, not inhibit it. video conferencing software enables video conferencing so natural it feels like you're sitting next to each other in a meeting room - not across the country or on the other end of the world. The result is rewarding experiences full of connectivity, creativity and invention without worry of program incompatibility or network interruption.